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Roddy L. Braun was born in Hamilton, TX, in school in Midland, TX, where he was a member of Grace Lutheran Church.  After attending Concordia, Austin he studied at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, from which he graduated.  Earned degrees included the B.A., M. Div., S.T.M., and Th.D.

Dr. Braun served as professor of Hebrew and Old Testament theology and  Dean of the Chapel at Concordia Senior College, Fort Wayne, Indiana, for seventeen years where he was also chairman of the Division of Languages and Literatures.  He then served as pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Arlington, VA, from 1977-1998.  He is the author of a full-length commentary on 1 Chronicles in the Word Biblical Commentary, and of both 1 and 2 Chronicles in the Harperís Bible Commentary.  His work includes almost  a score of  articles in such professional journals as  The Journal of Biblical Literature and Vetus Testamentum.  His new titles,  Jesus: His Name and Titles, and How to Read the Bible. A Clear and Easy Guide for Everyone,  has just been published by  iUniverse. 

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